About us

Söråker is a flexible and cost- efficient port in the middle of Sweden . Our level of service is
very high and we are there for you and solve any problems that arise 24-7. Our machines and equipment is modern and we work quickly and efficiently, giving short waiting period for our customers.

Delta Terminal offers:

  • Shipping all year around
  • Storage and production spaces with a total of 24.000 m²
  • Office spaces
  • Railway med connection to the main line
  • Terminal area – 12,5
  • Big bag handling
  • Fuel depot for storage of chemicals

Facts about the port:

  • Quay length 150 + 30 m
  • Fairway depth 7,5 m
  • Vessel depth max 5,8 m
  • Multidocker mobile crane and new wheel loaders
  • Max vessel length 115 m



Map over the area

1.   Port
2.   Storage
3.   Premises Stargym
4.   Premises Timrå Allmontage AB
Alå Produkter AB
Hansell Shipping AB
4.   Office & storage (available for rent)
5.   Premises Timrå Fritidservice AB
6.   Premises
7.   Premises
7.   Premises & storage (available for rent)
8.   Storage
9.   Storage
10. Storage
11. Port silo
11. Port silo (available for rent)
12. Office & premises Head office- Delta Terminal AB
13. Storage
21. Silo
22. Stevedoring dining
23. Weighbridge
Outdoor spaces
Outdoor spaces (available for rent)





Loading of poles
Unloading of big bags
Loading of fence posts