About us

Port of Söråker is private owned and operated by Delta Terminal AB, a fully owned subsidiaries to Sundfrakt AB. We have a unique geographical location in Sweden with 20km to Sundsvall, 30km to Härnösand and within 2km a fast connection to the airport, main railway and the european road E4.

Within our area we have more than our port to offer. We have large storage areas adapted to everything from bulk products to highly refined products, production- and office facilities. In additional we have the railway going through the port area and also inside two of our warehouses.

We have a high quality machine park where most of the machines are newer than 5 years and after that we usally replace and renew them. That way we can provide for our customers needs, meet the enviromnmental requirements and goals we are working for.

Our business is inspired by quality, high service, flexibility and innovation.


Quick facts:

  • Shipping all year around
  • Warehouses and facilities of 50 000m2
  • Depot for dry/wet bulk
  • Big bag facility



Area map


1. Quay 10. Warehouse
2. Warehouse 11. Silo
3. Stargym 12. Headquater- Delta Terminal
4. Offices- and production facility 13. Warehouse
5. Timrå Fritidsservice 15. Warehouse, office – Delta Terminal
6. Warehouse, workshop, washing facility 21. Silo
7.  Warehouse, workshop 22. Old stevedore dining room
8. Warehouse, Ragnsells 23. Scale
9. Warehouse



Loading poles
Discharging big bags
Loading cattle guards