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Intermodal port

With intermodal, innovative logistics solutions, we offer long-term sustainable services.


An important part of our sustainable logistics

In 2019, we acquired the industrial track that connects Söråker’s port with Ådalsbanan. The railway connection is an important part of creating safe, efficient, and customized total solutions with a strong focus on sustainable logistics.

We have daily traffic from Helsingborg to our warehouse where the goods are reloaded and distributed throughout Norrland.

Via the double track to the port, large quantities of goods are transported all over Europe, but also to and from local companies in Sundsvall.


One of Sweden’s few privately owned ports

In 1988, Delta Terminal AB was formed. Today it is one of Sweden’s few privately owned ports. Every day we handle shiploads to and from Europe where a large proportion of the loads come and depart via rail.

With a modern harbour crane, and a newly built heavy lifting plate, we handle all types of goods.

During 2021, we will expand the quay in Söråker to be able to meet the environmentally adapted transport needs of the future. When it is ready, we will have an increased ship depth of 7 metres.


Compound solutions with a focus on sustainability

Delta Terminal is part of the Sundfraktgruppen Group. Together we offer most types of road transport. We have solutions both in construction and civil engineering as well as inputs to industry, the forests, environmental transport and special goods. We have long experience in handling dangerous goods.

Sundfraktgruppen can offer everything from simpler assignments to more complex solutions. Through our broad expertise, we work together to find the best logistics solutions for both the customer and the environment.

Operations manager

Johan Stenström



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